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Volume discount


The more products you order from FITSHE, the more you save. This can go as high as 20% off! The volume discount applies to all items in your shopping cart, whether you order a single product in multiples or buy our entire collection. Now that’s a bargain, right?!


The volume discount applies to our entire assortment. To see which tier your discount falls into, you can add up all the items in your basket.

1 product: 0 % discount
2 – 3 products: 5% discount
4 – 5 products: 10% discount
6 – 7 products: 15% discount
8+ products: 20% discount

How is that possible?

By buying more items in one order, you automatically save on shipping costs. For an order under €55 you pay €4.79 shipping costs each time. So with 10 separate orders, these costs can add up to €50.

There are also less obvious costs associated with ordering, such as in the logistics process. Consider the handling costs per item for packing and wrapping orders and the cost of individual shipping boxes. With a larger order, you automatically need less of these.

That’s why we encourage you to order more items at a time. For this, we not only reward you with a nice discount, but also contribute to a lower impact on the environment by using less transportation for our shipments. So it’s cost-effective AND sustainable – win-win!

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