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Love love your active body

Work out. Have fun. Eat well. We’re sure you’re doing a kick-ass job already. But did you know good nutrition makes a big difference to the effect of your workout? We believe your active body deserves only the best 100% natural protein nourishment. So we’ve put it in a shake and perfected it for you and your lifestyle.

  • 100% natural
  • great pure taste
  • organic protein & magnesium based
  • designed for the female body

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From athletes to entrepreneurs, we support the active lifestyle of all types of women

Stefanie Klaver

“I had been looking for an organic protein brand without artificial additives and a great taste for a while now. Both for myself and my clients. I couldn’t be happier with FITSHE, what a beautiful product! I also started selling it in the Vitaminstore where I work.”

Christina Koelewijn
Nike Training Club Master Trainer

“I teach group workouts and personal training sessions on a daily basis, and FITSHE offers me a great solution. I always drink it after my trainings. For recovery your body needs protein, and I feel much more comfortable with a 100% natural product. Good and delicious!”

Regina Romeijn

“A busy job, two children, and going to the gym adds up. For this lifestyle FITSHE is the perfect answer to give something back to my body. I love the taste and it’s easy to bring along with its portion sizes. I take it after every workout. Just shake it well and I’m ready to go again!”

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No matter what you do or how often you train, your body needs protein to boost its recovery. We all know that starving our bodies of much needed nourishment is not the way to stay in shape. So it’s vital to choose the right nutrition after working out. FITSHE After Workout Shakes contain 100% organic whey protein and have been specially formulated to nourish, refuel, and relax your muscles directly after exercise. 


Let’s face it, we’re different from the boys. And we work out for different reasons too. So, unless you’re a guy, protein won’t grow your muscles. (Nuh-uh – you need testosterone for that!) No hulks or Arnies for us. But it will help preserve your muscle tissue to keep you in shape. What’s more, FITSHE shakes contain the exact amount of organic protein (and magnesium) to fully benefit your female body. Find out more in our FAQ.


FITSHE is made with 100% natural ingredients known for packing a nutritional punch. Our shakes contain organic whey protein from happy, grass-fed cows. There are no fillers, preservatives, artificial flavourings or added sweeteners. No tricks up our sleeve – just the right combination of super nutrients to help you get the best out of your training efforts. The result? An after workout shake in two pure and tasty flavours.


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