For our FITSHE PURE WHEY PROTEIN variations we use a base of 100% organic whey protein of the best possible quality. Whey protein has a complete amino acid profile quite similar to the amino acid profile found in your body. Which means your body can easily recognise and absorb it – the perfect support for your active lifestyle. Protein aids muscle recovery after exercise and maintains your muscles in the days following. Our whey protein is vegetarian and when you eat little or no meat this is a good way to supplement your daily intake of essential amino acids.

Only 100% natural ingredients to support your recovery

In our PURE WHEY PROTEIN blends Vanilla, Strawberry and Dark Chocolate, we use only pure flavourings such as vanilla seeds, cinnamon, real dried fruit, coconut milk and raw cacao. In addition, our shakes contain magnesium extracted from seawater. As well as being an essential mineral that is responsible for over 300 functions in your body, magnesium helps your muscles relax and supports protein synthesis. This allows the amino acids to be better absorbed by your body, making it the perfect blend for your optimal recovery. To enjoy our shakes mix with water directly in your shaker, or create your own feel-good moment by blending with unsweetened almond milk (and fresh fruit).

Create your own protein boost

Prefer blending your own creations? Choose our PURE WHEY PROTEIN Natural and give your smoothie or baking creation an instant protein boost. Go to RECIPES on our website and check out our tips.

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