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You can eat and drink the products of FITSHE in many different ways. Our healthy and natural products are super versatile and suitable for cooking and baking! Want to make a delicious protein rich cake, or maybe a nutritious breakfast with a twist?

Here you will find our most delicious recipes! Did you create a super tasty recipe with FITSHE products that you would like to share with us? Tag us on social media @fitshe_com and use #fitshe.


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16 March, 2022Eggplant Casserole

9 March, 2022Tropical smoothie

23 February, 2022Protein pancakes with apple

16 February, 2022Detox Smoothie

9 February, 2022Vegan Brownies

2 February, 2022Green Smoothie

26 January, 2022Mini Quiches

29 December, 2021Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

22 December, 2021Home made Granola

15 December, 2021Cinnamon roll

8 December, 2021Bruschetta

1 December, 2021Grilled Vegetables

24 November, 2021Vegan ginger cookies

17 November, 2021Healthy Pasta Pesto

10 November, 2021Muhammara spread

3 November, 2021Vegan mushroom risotto

3 November, 2021Vegan carrot pumpkin soup

27 October, 2021Overnight oats

20 October, 2021Vegan Korean Wraps

17 September, 2019Protein Ice Cream

17 September, 2019Protein Power Balls

17 September, 2019Banana Quark Bread

17 September, 2019Apple Pie Protein Bars

17 September, 2019Banana Oats Protein Shake

17 September, 2019Protein Breakfast Bowl