Pure Whey Protein

The use of pure whey protein is common among athletes. Whey protein is a mixture of proteins isolated from ‘whey’, the liquid part of milk that separates during cheese production. If you’ve ever opened a container of yoghurt, you’ll see a thin layer of your liquid on top. That is whey. Only not in powder form, as we are now used to using in our shakes, bars and meals. What makes whey protein so popular is its incredible range of amino acids. These can be quickly absorbed by the body. Using whey protein is a very convenient way of increasing your daily protein intake.

In addition, whey protein powders nowadays come in such delicious and diverse flavours that you can use them not only in shakes or smoothies. Since whey protein does not taste good by itself, flavours such as strawberry, vanilla, chocolate or coconut are usually added. Nowadays, the powder is used in pancakes, cakes, brownies, creamy iced coffee or in your smoothie bowl, among other things. In short, lots of options! Have you discovered the FITSHE flavours yet?
FITSHE highly prioritizes its research & quality. We rather invest time in extensive research and strive for the best tasting products, than create our whey protein in a rush.

Pure Whey protein FITSHE

Whey protein rich chocolate

One of the most popular flavours for protein shakes is chocolate. Who does not want to drink something healthy that tastes like a chocolate milkshake! The Pure Whey Protein of FITSHE is completely made in the Netherlands. In addition, our products are made by female scientists. They know as no other the nutritional needs of the body of an active woman. Because of this, they make conscious choices about the ingredients they use. These ingredients must have a beneficial effect on the health of women. Each serving of our whey protein chocolate provides no less than 18 grams of protein and 337 milligrams of magnesium. And that with only 131 kcal per serving of 34 grams! Besides the nutritional values of this product, we also find the taste important. The delicious full chocolate flavour makes this shake so incredibly tasty. The banana and coconut milk in this powder also make this shake deliciously creamy.

Whey protein vanilla

Vanilla is also one of the most popular flavours for protein shakes. This product is of course also made in the Netherlands by our female scientists. The whey protein powder in the vanilla flavour contains no less than 19 grams of protein per portion of 34 grams. Each serving also contains 337 milligrams of magnesium and only 128 kcal. The flavour is made with vanilla seeds, banana powder and a pinch of cinnamon. Altogether, you get a delicious creamy vanilla shake packed with protein! Mix the powder with water or (vegetable) milk and shake well to make a delicious milkshake quickly and easily. Thanks to the included scoop you don’t have to weigh the powder, because it contains exactly the right amount.

Protein pouch

The protein powders from FITSHE are delivered in pouches of 408 grams. These are available separately or in a multiple pack of two pouches. Per pouch you have about 12 portions of powder. Thanks to the strip at the top of the pouch, it is easy to open and close. Moreover, the pouch is easy to store because it takes up less space than a jar. This way you can easily put the pouch between the other packages in your cupboard or drawer.