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Soft Vanilla


408 grams per pouch | approximately 12 servings

A vegan shake with plant-based protein and a delicious vanilla flavour.

  • 23 grams of protein per serving and only 133 kcal
  • a deliciously soft vanilla flavour
  • boasts 3.4 grams of fiber
  • perfect for after exercise or as a supplement to your normal diet
  • suitable for baking and cooking

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FITSHE organic vegan protein gives you 100% natural nutrition for a fit and healthy body.

  • FITSHE protein powders are the perfect base for a protein-rich shake after your workout and to ensure the smooth recovery of your muscles. Simply mix it with water or vegetable milk.
  • You can also use it as a supplement to your daily nutrition at any time of the day. Add it, for example, to your smoothie, cottage cheese or cake mix!
  • The recommended amount per single serving is 34 grams (1 scoop). You can easily take it out with the included scoop.


Organic pea protein, organic pumpkin protein, organic hemp protein, natural flavor, organic thickening agent: guargum, natural flavour, organic cinnamon milled, organic lucuma powder.

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Drink your shake within 30 minutes of working out. Fill your bottle with 250 ml water, then add one scoop of protein powder. Shake well and enjoy!

The why
Van Fitshe

It has always been our mission to give you the tools to be the best version of yourself. For us, being fit doesn’t just mean having strong muscles and stamina, it also means paying attention to your inner health. Both in body and mind, because the two work together at the same time.

We believe that you get the most out of life if you take care of yourself lovingly and consistently. That’s why FITSHE offers 100% natural protein and supplementary nutrition to support your active lifestyle.
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I am a particular fan of the protein bars! Very tasty and full of good ingredients. Furthermore, they have a good and friendly customer service.

Lotte D. + boyfriend

Love these products! Great it's vegan with a delicious taste. Most proteins from other brands give me trouble quickly due to lactose and the use of cheap milk proteins. With this, only positive words about it! Also suitable for men!

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We love a good snack! Our high protein products are perfect for whipping up the most yummy healthy recipes. Whether you need a tasty protein snack on the go or want to spice up your breakfast, we have got the recipe. Discover all our FITSHE recipes that are created to support your active body.
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