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What is it?

Bars are ideal when you want a quick and easy way to give your body the nutrients it needs to maintain your active lifestyle. Before and after exercise, or as a snack when you need to keep going. How about a bar free from all those sweeteners or additives that your body can do without? A bar that’s low in calories too. But often healthy bars turn out disappointingly dry and not very tasty at all.


Our delicious VEGAN bars, a healthy in-between or ideal recovery snack after your workout

After much development, we’ve finally succeeded! And we’re pretty darn proud of the new additions to the FITSHE family: protein-rich bars that are not only good for you but also taste delightful. Our organic protein bars:

  • VEGAN PROTEIN BAR – Dark Chocolate & Indian Spices
  • VEGAN PROTEIN BAR – Dark Chocolate & Green Power

These bars contain no less than 12 grams of vegetable protein, including organic raw nuts and peanuts, organic pumpkin seeds and organic rice. The delicious flavours come from a number of special and healthy ingredients. Our Indian Spices bar includes turmeric, cinnamon and goji berries. In our Green Power bar you’ll find dried fruit with spirulina and chlorella for added antioxidants. Like all of our FITSHE products, these bars contain no sweeteners or artificial flavourings of any kind. And they’re covered in a layer of pure chocolate. Simply irresistible. And containing fewer than 200 calories per bar. A great choice to help aid muscle recovery after your workout too.


In need of some extra energy? Check out our VEGAN ENERGY BOOST with Crunchy Raw Chocolate

Could you do with some extra energy throughout the day? Need a bite to eat before your workout but not in the mood for a complete meal? Then our new energy bar is for you. With only 171 kcal, this bar contains the perfect balance between complex carbohydrates for energy on the one hand, and proteins to absorb the carbohydrates slowly for a satiated feeling on the other. Our energy bar contains 8 grams of vegetable protein derived from nuts, seeds and peanuts. The delicious, pure flavour comes from raw cocoa nibs and its firm, crunchy bite includes pieces of almond. You’ll be revived or ready for your workout in no time!


Healthy, easy, enjoyment!

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