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Premium nutrition for active bodies

You are probably asking a lot from your body, but have you ever wondered what you are giving back to your body? If you want to get everything out of life, it is important to give your body some good, 100% natural fuel.


The best your body can get
FITSHE makes premium products for active bodies like yours. Our products are rich in protein, 100% natural and organic wherever possible. Through my passion for cooking, our products have been created exactly as you would expect: with real recipes, using pure ingredients that actually do something for your body. 100% naturally functional is what we call it here at FITSHE.


Why do you need protein
Protein forms your body’s building blocks. You need it for the recovery and development of your muscles. Above all, protein is essential for the growth of your hair, skin, nails and other tissue – so getting enough protein is important, especially if you’re the active type! Your diet, lifestyle and how intensively you work out all have influence on how much extra protein you need.

Exercise causes damage to your muscles. Therefore it’s crucial they recover properly after working out. Scientific research has shown that protein is essential for this. To be more precise: it’s the amino acids of which protein is composed of that are key to aiding muscle recovery. There are 20 different types of amino acids. Some types your body can make on its own, while others must be obtained from food. This last type is called essential amino acids and you’ll find them in all of our FITSHE products. We have products with a base of whey protein and vegetable protein; we have shakes and bars.


Our self developed 100% natural recipes
Together with experts, I took time to develop our own 100% natural recipes. Our products have a delicious and pure flavour, and are without the addition of sweeteners or artificial flavourings. We never use these in our FITSHE products. So you won’t find any unidentifiable ingredients on the packaging either. And speaking of our packaging, we believe it should look as good as what’s inside it. So we’ve done something about that too.

With FITSHE we support you in your active lifestyle. So what are you waiting for? Look after your body and go on get out there! We’ve got your back!


Love Caroline


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