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At FITSHE we believe you get the most out of life when you take care of yourself, lovingly and consistently. It’s our goal to make you feel great, confident &
happy! We reinvented nutrition to be your pick me up moment of the day. When you need to recover from your active day, you can use our STRONG & FIT products. Need an uplifter for your gut or immune system? Just grab one of our BLOOM & BALANCE products. We’re here to help you show up fueled and full of energy, day after day!

About our gut

Our intestines contain trillions of bacteria from up to 150 different species. A healthy microbiome consists of many different bacteria, the types of bacteria that live in the gut differ from person to person. This means that everyone has a different microbiome. In fact, our microbiome is as unique as our fingerprint! In a healthy microbiome the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria are in balance. If they are out of balance, it causes discomfort in the health of your gut. That is where a prebiotic can help.

Prebiotic powder

Our products are specifically made by women, for women. Many of us experience issues or discomfort in their gut health. Whether this is due to hormones, genetic predisposition or intolerance to certain foods, it is annoying! Prebiotics can help you with that. This high-fiber powder helps your body with the natural processes of your stomach and gut. The powder is a prebiotic which means that with this good stuff you provide food for the good bacteria in your intestinal system. And that has all the benefits! It contributes to a good intestinal flora and bowel movements. You will also notice a positive change in your digestion and a boost in your immune system.


Immunity water pomegranate & grapefruit

‘Prevention is the best cure’ is a well-known saying. With a strong and constantly well-supported immune system, you contribute to your own health not only now, but also in the long term. In addition to protein, this innovative water also contains several B vitamins to support the normal energy-generating metabolism and to reduce fatigue. Zinc and vitamin B6 & B12 support the normal functions of the immune system. This combination ensures a well balanced immune system. And that’s important because it’s quite a complex system that, with the right attention and supplements, becomes and stays strong. In this little bottle you will find – in addition to zinc and vitamins – prebiotics that keep your intestinal flora in good shape. In short, a big health booster in a small bottle!


Immunity water cactus & lime

Balance is the best thing you can give your body. At FITSHE, we know that a busy, rich life doesn’t always make that easy. Our new BLOOM & BALANCE immunity water is enriched with vitamins and minerals that contribute to a healthy functioning of your immune system. The tasty water contains zinc, a mineral that reduces stress and helps your body to relax after a gym session or busy day at work. The prebiotic fibers in each bottle ensure an optimal balance in your intestines and thus in the rest of your body. All that in one small bottle! The ready-to-go immunity water is a light alternative to a protein shake and super easy to take with you.




It has always been our mission to give you the tools to be the best version of yourself. For us, being fit doesn’t just mean having strong muscles and stamina, it also means paying attention to your inner health. Both in body and mind, because the two work together at the same time. We believe that you get the most out of life if you take care of yourself lovingly and consistently. That’s why FITSHE offers 100% natural protein and supplementary nutrition to support your active lifestyle.
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Lotte D. + boyfriend

Love these products! Great it's vegan with a delicious taste. Most proteins from other brands give me trouble quickly due to lactose and the use of cheap milk proteins. With this, only positive words about it! Also suitable for men!


I am a particular fan of the protein bars! Very tasty and full of good ingredients. Furthermore, they have a good and friendly customer service.

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We love a good snack! Our high protein products are perfect for whipping up the yummiest healthy recipes. Whether you need a tasty protein snack on the go or want to spice up your breakfast, we’ve got the recipe. Discover all our FITSHE recipes that are created to support your active body.
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