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Welcome to the FITSHE website. My name is Caroline and I am the founder of FITSHE. Why? Because I believe an active lifestyle is a must-have in order to really get everything out of life. When you feel comfortable in your own your own skin you are able to give much more. You feel full of energy and confidence. And I am convinced that this is the way towards a better world.


I have noticed it myself daily. Your life is full enough as it is:
– Your career
– Social events
– Family
– Constantly developing yourself
– And finding the time to exercise regularly, on top of everything!

We demand a lot from our bodies and expect to always be able to rely on it. But have you ever taken the time to contemplate what you give your body back?


Besides exercising and relaxing, nutrition is an incredibly important factor in feeling comfortable with yourself. You do your best to eat healthy but due to your busy lifestyle this sometimes gets overlooked. Nutrition becomes even more important if you have specific goals for yourself. 3 years ago I began to notice that there weren’t any healthy products available on the market that support me in my active lifestyle.
– Many products contain artificial additives
– They tasted terrible
– And they looked and felt as if they were designed for Arny (Arnold Schwarzenegger) himself!

This is something that neither I, nor many other women, could identify with. And so in 2015 I decided to launch the FITSHE brand.

Back then, lots of women still believed that consuming protein will lead to unwanted muscle mass development or weight gain. Luckily, you know better nowadays! It is imperative to feed your body what it needs! And it is with protein that you support your body in the after-effects of your training.

If you lead a busy and active life, protein becomes essential. Additionally, protein is extremely satiating.  If you give your body what it needs, you will notice it will ask much less of you.

Bye, bye cravings!


Both vegetarians and vegans require a little more protein than people that consume meat. Even if your lifestyle isn’t particularly active! For this reason, all of the FITSHE products are vegetarian and/or vegan. That way, everyone can enjoy our products.


FITSHE stands for everything I believe in: 100% natural, organic products without added sweeteners or any other artificial additives. And it is from this standpoint that I personally develop all the FITSHE formulations and recipes, together with experts.


FITSHE now offers:
100% natural whey protein shakes, pure and soft in taste.
Organic Vegan Protein shakes with a creamy structure which, unlike many other plant-based shakes, taste delicious.
– Last but not least: Organic Vegan Protein Bars!
– And due to high demand, we also offer our own lifestyle accessories to support you in your own active lifestyle.

Getting enough protein from your regular food is a big challenge in and of itself.  Especially with the hectic lives we live!

Here at FITSHE, we never settle for standard solutions. We deliver 100% natural products which you can actually profit from.

And which are, of course delicious thanks to my passion for cooking 😉 And if a product is good for you, why wouldn’t it also look good? We have this covered too with our iconic design. Eating healthy and training my body, instead of dieting and “exercising,” are the keys to really getting everything out of my life. And  I believe this works for everybody.


I am convinced that my active lifestyle has allowed me to come far in my life while staying true to myself.

To me, an active lifestyle means never limiting myself.

In other words, while I do believe that stepping out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself constantly are crucial for personal growth, it is equally important to treat yourself kindly and to take time off regularly to really become the best you. So always do both: Push and Play


Meanwhile, FITSHE has gone from being just my dream and we work with a full team of people the whole day to develop and liver the very best products for your active lifestyle. Would you like to obtain a daily dose of inspiration and motivation, with true and tried bits of advice?

I share tips on how to embrace and carry out your active lifestyle daily.

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