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We don’t have to tell you that excercising, nutrition and relaxing are the key elements to feel comfortable in your own skin. Nutrition becomes even more important if you have specific goals for yourself. A couple of years ago it came to our attention that there were no healthy products on the market which supported woman with a healthy lifestyle. Lots of protein products contain unnatural additives, taste terrible and looked as if they were designed for Arny (Arnold Schwarzenegger) himself! Not something that we – and lots of woman with us – were happy about. Thats why we launched FITSHE in 2015.

Lots of women believe that consuming protein will lead to unwanted muscle mass development or weight gain. Luckily, you know better nowadays! It is imperative to feed your body what it needs! And it is with protein that you support your body in the after-effects of your training. If you lead a busy and active life, protein becomes essential. Additionally, protein is extremely satiating. If you give your body what it needs, you will notice it will ask much less of you.

What do you give back to your body?

Your life is full enough as it is:


– Your career
– Social events
– Family
– Constantly developing yourself
– And finding the time to exercise regularly, on top of everything!


We demand a lot from our bodies and expect to always be able to rely on it. But have you ever taken the time to contemplate what you give your body back?

Feed Your Body

Bye bye cravings!

If you give your body what it needs, you will see it will ask for less. Bye bye cravings! When you feel good and confident, it is easy for you to use your divide your energy. We are convinced that your energy and confidence can make the world a better place.

Why protein shakes?

Getting enough protein from your regular food is a big challenge in and of itself. Especially with the hectic lives we live! After a full day of work, we understand you don’t have any more time or energy to prepare a complete protein rich meal.


Here at FITSHE, we never settle for standard solutions. To make life easier for you, we have 100% natural whey protein products which you can actually profit from. Are you vegan? No problem! We also have a complete vegan product line which you can benefit from.



We decided to keep our shakes as biologic and free of added sweeteners and other additives as possible. In our opinion it is unnecessary to add hidden sugars and chemical ingredients in a product which is meant to contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Vegan?No problem

But how do they taste?

The taste has to be good, so we did extensive testing for our shakes. During the creation process we partnered up with real professionals. We also check the FITSHE community for their feedback regarding our bars and shakes’ taste. This is what they think:

“The shakes tast very good! Clearly created with knowledge about good quality. Delicious protein bars without unnecessary additives of sugars. I approve them!!!”
– Annelies

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“They tast very good and are 100% natural!! Every time my order gets delivered it feels like a small party. Like receive a gift!”
– Madeleine

FITSHE Divider

“Very delicious shake which works perfectly in combination with my crossfit trainings. Big advantage that the products are 100% natural. I really recommend them!”
– Laura



We are convinced that an active lifestyle does not mean to limit yourself. In other words, while we truly believe stepping outside of your comfort zone and challenging yourself is crucial for your personal growth, we think being kind to yourself and blow of some steam every once in a while is as important to become the best version of yourself. So do both: push AND play.

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